Edward Graham Lewis - Concert: The cultural Antenna

This year is the 40th anniversary of the realse of Pink Flag by legendary post-punk band WIRE, which is celebrated with an extensive US tour and the release of the new album Silver / Lead.

But first, Uppsala is honoured to have Edward Graham Lewis play a concert at Uppsala Konstmuseum in connection with the exhibition The Eternal Now by artist Jan Svenungsson. The first time in 30 years that Edward Graham Lewis play his home town.

As part of this gig us Weforians come together to perform  a short set. Something new and something old. Be there or be square, this coming Thursday. 




Graham Lewis
Klara Lewis
Kenneth Cosimo
Anna Livia Löwendahl-Atomic (aka Ana Dinextra)
Pauline Svanerö
Alvaro Svanerö

In collaboration with Uppsala Concert & Congress  Venue:Vasasalen, Uppsala Konstmuseum